Gift for kids and youth

Dear New Life Alvik family

Many children, youth and families with children, have been effected because of this season of the pandemic. School have closed, activities cancelled, economies have been affected and many have lost their job and/or their loved ones.

Therefore, we are so thankful to God that we will be having summer camp for our kids and youths this summer. We know it meant a lot for those who could join us last year.
To make this camp an even greater experience than last year, we ask for your partnership.

We invite you to support us with a financial gift and with your prayers that our children and youths can have an encounter with Jesus. Here is a video to watch for your inspiration and information. God Bless you! / Caroline, your family pastor

Here are the two ways through which you can donate


MARK your donation with "Gift for Children and Youth"
Our bank giro number is 495-2032


A small percentage of your donation goes to Swish. Use the phone number below.
MARK your donation with "Gift for Children and Youth"
1236902001 - New Life Church Stockholm